Well hey there, I’m Natalie and I want to say welcome and I am so glad you’re here! I work in mental health, but my heart is in the garden.

In 2017 I started gardening. I became enthralled with the ability to grow something from seed and found what they were saying was true - gardening is incredibly therapeutic!

Fed up with the food system and wanting to steward my dreams of a future healing homestead well, in 2018, I built my first garden beds. I learned more about soil than anything that year but hey, it was a bold step in the right direction!

We’ve recently moved to beautiful San Diego county and we have been blessed with a home! Which of course means - more space to garden! I am currently building our rent friendly Suburban Homestead which will include a 400 square foot Potager Garden, Country Garden, and Pollinator Garden.

I cherish hosting people - it’s a mission my husband and I share - to host and love people well. I hope this home, though temporary, is a place of beauty, of hope and of refuge to all who enter. And a place to learn and prepare well for the ultimate dream and goal - a healing homestead.



our dream

“If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?” Tommy asked me on one of our first dates. “Well, I’d run a healing ranch. I’d rescue animals and invite my mental health clients to the property for animal and recreational therapies.”

That’s where the dream started in 2013. Now the dream has evolved to so much more - a large garden, dinner parties, retreats, horticulture therapy, the works! And, I’m sure it will continue to transform as we work towards this goal and simultaneously surrender it daily to God-His plans are so much sweeter and more than I could’ve ever imagined when I just let Him take the lead!

Today, Tommy and I dream of enough land for animals, food production, and recreational therapies. Tommy wants ducks, goats, and just enough space between our house and then next. I want chickens, a some dairy cows, and horses.

Ultimately, we want more freedom to live a life we love, together. And we want to be a place of warmth, refuge, and healing for others.



My hope For you

I'm honored to share the blog with you. From this small but mighty blog, I'll share with you our home, garden, food, and natural living projects all of which I aim to accomplish in beautiful, functional, and frugal ways.

My ultimate goal: to inspire, empower, and equip you to live your good life.

I'm so glad you're here. Come on in and stay a while,


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