Simple Summer Pasta

I love real, simple and delicious foods. You know what else I love? When I can trick my husband into eating more veggies! 


Sometimes you just gotta have a real conversation with yourself. 


Am am I getting enough real food in my diet? Rest? Exercise? Self care? 


After evaluating some of these questions myself, I decided it was time for a little hiatus. And during this hiatus we indulged in some real some, real delicious, REAL food.  


I’m not even sure what to call it so for now we’ll call it Simple Summer Pasa. 


Heres the recipe: 


 - caramelize 2 chopped onions and 4 cloves chopped garlic in salted olive oil⁠

- add desired amount of asparagus, cook on med hi about two minutes⁠

- deglaze pan with desired amount of cherry tomatoes⁠

- add two tablespoons butter⁠

- remove from heat⁠

- add cooked linguine noodles⁠

- serve in a bowl and garnish with fresh cracked pepper






FoodNatalie Argo