The Good Life

Well hey guys, my name is Natalie and I’m so glad you’re here on the blog!  Welcome!! This is something I have dreamt about for years but I never felt very certain what exactly I should focus on as my area of expertise or value.  Today, all of that changes.


Why am I here

Beautiful, Functional, Frugal.

I love curating beautiful things on my own for a fraction of traditional retail cost.  If I can take a Good Will furniture item and transform it into something I might see in a magazine, why wouldn’t I do it?!  If I can make beautiful garden beds for a fraction of retail cost, why wouldn’t I do it?! If I can grow food and make home made meals to save money on groceries and give my family the best organic food, why wouldn’t I do it?! This “beautiful, functional, frugal” way of thinking really transcends all aspects of my life, especially when it comes to the home, garden, and food.


I made our first home and garden beautiful and functional all on a newlywed budget.  I got so much positive feedback on my “vision” that I started documenting the journey of thinking one day I would share this with others. (That day is today!!!)


Financial Freedom.

Frugality is really the backbone of all I do these days. Tommy and I live a debt-free life, and we are incredibly grateful for this!  But we want more. We want to live a life where we can support causes we believe in. We want to “live like no one else to give like no one else". I think Dave Ramsey says that and man do we believe that.


In getting married, we were asked to focus in on a marriage verse.  Though we have yet to find our life verse, we have honed in on one thing-our love for hospitality.  We know that whether our place is large or small, we want to be a place of hospitality and love others well through it.


One way we do this now is by hosting as much as we can here.  We love having people over and I dream of having a place where we can craft homemade meals with homegrown food.  And, on a grander scale, I hope we are soon so financially free that we can provide meals for families who need them, shelter to those who need it, and funds to causes we believe in.


Each and every day we make choices that support this vision and I hope to share more of this with you as well as document the journey.


Documenting our journey to Homestead

So what would life look like if we could do whatever we wanted?  We’d have a homestead with some wicked fast internet! Fast internet for video games and youtube uploads, of course, and a homestead for homegrown food, a slower more intentional life, and a place to invite others in for healing.


In an ideal world, if I could do anything, I would have a healing homestead.  I would combine my love of agriculture, animals, and nature with my two degrees in psychology and invite people to the farm for recreational therapies like horticulture therapy, animal therapy, and more.  We’d host retreats, have a guest house air b-n-b and have a place of healing where people can gather for a good time. Maybe we’d even have a shooting range and an airsoft area… I think Tommy would approve ;)  We’ve always dreamed of having a home with some land and a big wrap around porch.  I truly believe these desires are there for a reason and as we step out more and more into trust and obedience, that we will see the fruit of these desires one day soon. So I am here to document the journey!


What You Will Find Here

For now, I plan to share about home, garden, and recipe ideas for small spaces on small budgets. You will also find us documenting our journey to our healing homestead.  But of course, I want to encourage you while you’re here and share with you tips and tricks I find helpful to my development as a person so you’ll probably also find personal pieces or faith and psychology pieces as well.  


The Invitation

Ultimately, I hope to leave the Good Life Fam inspired, encouraged & empowered to live their good life, whatever it may be!  But more than that, I hope you feel invited in to a very beautiful adventure. I want to invite you into our story from a tiny California apartment to healing homestead.  I want you to feel the weight of your support as we gain traction towards our financial goals and love on those who need it!


Every minute watched, every word read, every like, share, comment, and subscribe, helps us reach these goals.  And I want to thank you in advance for this. We are starting something pretty amazing here and I’m glad to have you here along for this wild ride!


May God richly bless you,


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