essential oils

Essential oils have made a very welcome entry into my life.

Essential oils helping my body heal from a serious muscle injury that led to total disability last Fall.

Essential oils are helping me heal from adrenal fatigue.

And best of all, essential oils are helping my family and I take steps towards our dreams of a healing homestead.

Tell me friend, are you in need of natural healing?

Do you have dreams that need funding?

Let’s chat.


natural beauty

Did you know there are oils that help address beauty concerns? From dark spots to unwanted bumps, oils offer a natural solution the commercial beauty industry does not.


new income

Tommy and I are getting closer to our healing homestead as my new doTERRA business brings in more income. What dreams of yours need funding? Let’s chat. I’d love to hear your dreams.


natural living

Commercial scents are harmful to our bodies. We know this. And yet it seems there are very few alternatives. doTERRA Essential Oils answer this dilemma and offer unparalleled quality.